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After many years of delving into the latest findings on the healthiest way of eating I have compiled the following list of very healthy foods that boost the immune system and give benefit to various parts of the human body.

Basically there is only one principle to follow - it needs to be fresh and, wherever possible, organically grown (the best fruit and vegetables have got to be those grown in your own garden).

Actually, there are two principles ...

The second is - the greater variety of fruit, vegetables, seeds, lagumes, herbs, spices, etc that you can include in your everyday healthy eating plan the greater benefit to improved general health you will achieve.

Obviously, before making changes to your diet consult your doctor/nutritionalist etc and ask for advice.

Here is a list of my findings based on much research into healthy eating and health benefits from various foods :


Allergies : rosemary/ginkgo biloba/alfafa

Age-related illnesses : spinach/ginkgo biloba/cats claw

Angina : bilberry

Anti-aging : berries/olives/olive oil

Anti-bacterial : cinnamon/garlic/mint/oregano/rosemary/aloe vera/

(bee) propolis/berries/oranges/dong quai

Anti-biotic : echinacea

Anti-cancerous : palm, olive oil/alliums : garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, spring onions and chives/red "lettuce"/dark green leafy

vegetables : broccoli, cabbage, carrots, courgette,

peppers, spinach/ginseng/basil/soy products/tofu/

dong quai/citrus fruit, apricots, melon, apples, berries/cherries/red grapes/kiwi/mango/figs/papayas/

peaches/plums/tomatoes/pumpkin and sesame seeds/

wholegrains : bulghur, couscous, barley, buckwheat, oats,

millet, quinoa and rye/rye bread/pulses/chickpeas/

Brazil nuts/almonds/cashews/peanuts/

one glass of red wine a day/green barley juice/fish/


Bladder cancer : carrots/milk/broccoli/Brussels sprouts/cabbage/


Breast cancer : cabbage/broccoli/Brussels sprouts/beans/

oily fish/wheat bran/olive oil/kale/wholegrains/

wholemeal bread, pasta/brown rice/olives/raspberries/

red and yellow fruit/yoghurt/soya milk/tofu

Bowel cancer : broccoli/sesame seeds

Cervix cancer : mango/papayas

Colon cancer : wheat/bran/green leafy vegetables : spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower/carrots/sweet potato/brown rice/

vitamin-D skimmed milk/yoghurt/wholemeal bread/

seafood/tomatoes/citrus fruit/cherries/mango/papayas/

plums/green barley juice/live yoghurt/alfalfa

Lung cancer : dark green or orange vegetables : carrots, broccoli,

spinach, pumpkin, sweet potato, peppers/kale/green tea/

apricot/strawberries/raspberries/red grapes/apples/

low-fat milk

Kidney cancer : broccoli

Oesophagus cancer : green and yellow vegetables : peas, beans,


Pancreas cancer : citrus fruit/carrots

Prostate cancer : yellow and green vegetables : carrots, peas, peppers,

cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower/

tomatoes/soya milk/tofu/alfalfa/cats claw/saw palmetto

Skin cancer : oily fish/olive oil/fruit/vegetables/flaxseed/onions/

walnut oil/Omega-3 oils

AVOID : vegetable oils/corn oil etc which contain

Omega-6 (is reported that it can trigger melanoma)

Stomach cancer : raw carrots/raw onions/leek/garlic/chives/lettuce/

cabbage/corn/aubergine/sweet potato/courgette/

tomatoes/broccoli /milk/cherries/raspberries

Anti-fungus : alfalfa

Anti-inflammatory : turmeric/garlic/bean sprouts/echinacea/alfalfa/

berries/cherries/limes/pineapple/green barley juice/

pumpkin seeds/walnuts/milk thistle/saw palmetto/

cats claw/aloe vera

Anti-oxidant : water/avocados, dark berries, raspberries, strawberries,

plums cherries, citrus fruit, kiwi, dark orange fruit/

oatsl/porridge/brown rice/millet/amaranth/buckwheat/

steamed, raw, cooked vegetables : carrots, spinach,

celery, pumpkin, courgette, cabbage, (dark yellow/orange)

sweet potato, peppers/bean sprouts/walnuts/green tea/

fish/lentils/beans/sesame seeds/chickpeas/cats claw/

alfalfa/one glass of red wine a day/red "lettuce"/garlic/

ginger/milk thistle/ginkgo biloba/

Anti-septic : sage/bilberries/saw palmetto

Anti-viral : echinacea

Asthma : rosemary/onions/garlic/fish oil/chilli/fruit/vegetables/

echinacea/alfalfa/elderberry/saw palmetto

Bad breath : dill/fennel

Bladder infections : parsley/garlic/cranberries/blueberries/bilberries/

(Urinary Tract) alfalfa/echinacea/elderberry/saw palmetto

Blood health : lentils/oranges/fenugreek

Anemia : alfalfa/"Floridix"/dong quai/dried fruit/figs/apricots/

rye and rye bread/sesame seeds/spinach/walnuts/

almonds/Brazil nuts/bean sprouts/beans/chickpeas/

lentils/pumpkin seeds/red "lettuce"

Capillaries : berries

Circulation : ginkgo biloba/ginseng/aloe vera/cats claw/avocados

Clots/arteries : garlic/palm oil

Pressure : oregano/avocados/bananas/melon/olives/beans/

ginseng/ginger/dong quai/celery/cucumber/potatoes/

alliums : garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, spring onions and

chives/oily fish/salmon/olive oil/cats claw/EXERCISE!

REDUCE : salt

Poisoning : echinacea/alfalfa/dong quai


Thinner : alfalfa/dong quai

Thrombosis : bilberries

Varicose veins : cats claw/bilberries

Body odour : fennel/oregano

Bone health : figs/red "lettuce"/spinach/lentils/sesame seeds/

soya milk/tofu

Calcium sources : parsley/watercress/okra/apples/figs/raisins/almonds/

hazelnuts/Brazil nuts/pistachios/walnuts/dried wheat or

barley grass/sunflower, sesame seeds/chickpeas/lentils/

quinoa/beans/broccoli/Chinese cabbage/celery/onions/

Brussels sprouts/spinach/turnip greens/milk/soya milk

(calcium added)/yoghurt/cottage cheese/eggs/chicken/


wakame/kelp/kale/kombu/brick cheese/spirulina/tofu/

amaranth grain/agar-agar/brown rice/green barley juice/

vitamin D (sunshine!)

REDUCE : coffee/tea/soft drinks/protein (especially meat)/sugar/alcohol/salt/also : tomatoes,

potatoes, aubergine and bell peppers contain

the calcium inhibitor "solanine")

Bowel health : chickpeas/figs/lentils/plums

Constipation : wholemeal bread/bran/vegetables/prunes/figs/dates/

apples/apricots/bananas/alfalfa/dong quai

Diarrhoea : garlic/ginger/starchy soups/cereals/yoghurt/zinc

Hemorrhoids : cats claw/aloe vera

Bronchitis : thyme/saw palmetto/elderberry

Cellulite : estrogens/red wine

Cholesterol : palm oil/lecithin/gingko/ginger/cinnamon/turmeric/

olive, rapeseed, grapeseed or safflower oil/chickpeas/oily fish (Omega-3)/nuts/honey/fruit : blueberries, cranberries,

apples, grapefruit, grapes, avocados, apricots, lemons,

oranges, olives/vegetables : artichoke, carrots, broccoli,

Brussels sprouts, spinach, spring beans)/beans/pulses/

one glass of wine each day/oats/nuts/psyllium (natural

fibre)/fibre and oat bran/vitamin E/vitamin B-5

(pantethine)/policosanol/niacin/chromium/wholegrains : bulghur, couscous, barley, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa,

rye/pumpkin seeds/guggul/trikatu/cereals/cats claw/

alliums : garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, spring onions

and chives/lentils/walnuts/soy protein, milk/tofu/

green barley juice/magnesium/EXERCISE!

REDUCE : coffee (filtered/moka)/anxiety!/egg yolks

acids : tomatoes, apples, wine/scampi/



food/vegetable and corn oil/coconuts and oil

Colds/flu/virus : cayenne pepper/cinnamon/garlic/mint/oregano/

horseradish/chilli/hot spices/vitamin C rich foods

(kiwi etc)/echinacea/elderberry/saw palmetto/zinc

Cold sores : clove

Crohn's disease : cats claw

Depression : garlic/thyme/spinach/seafood/pasta/dried beans/

Mood lifters : cereal/bread/gingko/bananas

Diabetes : clove/sage/ginseng/cinnamon/fenugreek/garlic/onions/

broccoli/beans/lentils/barley/rye and rye bread/fish/

alfalfa/dong quai/cats claw/bilberries/EXERCISE!

Epilepsy : elderberry bark

Eye health/poor vision : carrots/spinach/red "lettuce"/mango

Cataracts : rosemary/turmeric (SEE HEALTH FILE)

Glaucoma : vitamin C/bilberries and juice/ginkgo (AS ABOVE)

Fat "burners" : limes/lemons/grapefruit/tangerines/oranges/kiwi/

apples/blueberries/red water melons/cabbage/

asparagus/carrots/beetroot/broccolli/barley/non-fat milk/low fat yogurt/white cheese/EXERCISE!

Fibre sources : strawberries/figs/broccoli/brown rice/beans/nuts/

bran/oats etc

Fertility problems : red peppers/broccoli/kiwi/oranges/cauliflower/

(low sex drive etc) strawberries/saw palmetto

Fluid retention : cucumber/alfalfa/saw palmetto

Gallstones : vegetables/beans/olive oil/red wine/garlic/milk thistle

Gum disease : echinacea/goldenseal

Healing properties : thyme/aloe vera

Heartburn : dill/dong quai

Heart disease : fish/nuts/garlic/olive oil/carrots/onions/tomatoes/

green leafy vegetables : cabbage, brussels, spinach,

peppers/watercress/motherwort/Siberian ginseng/


red grapes/kiwi/olives/yarrow/alfalfa/hawthorn/

wholegrains : bulghur, couscous, barley, buckwheat,

millet, oats, quinoa and rye/pumpkin seeds/beans/

lean red meat/soya products/tofu/rye bread/cats claw/

ginger/kale/ginkgo biloba/EXERCISE!

REDUCE : alcohol (one glass of red wine a day)/

salt/body weight/"bad" LDL cholesterol

Immune system : green tea/alfalfa/ginseng/echinacea/soya products/

garlic/carrots/peppers/all berries/kiwi/lemons/limes/


cats claw/milk thistle/watercress

Impotence : low fat, low cholesterol diet/lose weight/ginkgo/ginseng/

vitamin A

Insomnia : ginseng/dong quai (see also "Stress")

Kidney ailments : elderberry root/milk thistle

Kidney stones : parsley/fruit/vegetables/high-fibre grains/water/alfalfa

Liver disorders : all green leafy veg/fennel/cabbage/garlic/alfalfa/

dong quai/milk thistle/watercress/basil

Lupus : cats claw

Lymphatic System : fenugreek

Memory : selenium/low fat diet/flaxseed oil/safflower oil/ginkgo/

beta-carotene (yellow/orange fruit, vegetables)/ginseng/


Menstrual problems : pineapple/lentils/wholegrains : bulghur, couscous,

barley, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa and rye/rice/

olive oil/dong quai/seeds/nuts/bean sprouts

(also see "Pain")

Hot flushes : sage/dong quai/EXERCISE!

Metabolism : drink at least 2 litres of chilled water a day/eat smaller meals every 3 hours = 5 meals a day/no carbohydrates at

night!/olive oil/nuts/flax/cinnamon/ginseng/EXERCISE!

Muscle spasms : basil/mint/thyme/calcium/ginger

Nervous system : increase calcium in-take/bilberry/elderberry/

saw palmetto

Nutrient in-take : saw palmetto

Osteoporosis : nuts/fruit/pineapple juice/kale/tofu/manganese/

vitamin D/beans/seeds/wholegrains : bulghur, couscous,

barley, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa and rye/oily fish :

sardines, mackerel and pilchards/cod liver oil/fruit and


(also see "Calcium")

AVOID : fizzy drinks/coffee/salt/alcohol

Pain : cayenne pepper/clove/ginger/mint/rosemary/dong quai/


Protein sources : fish (especially macerel, salmon)/shrimp/egg whites/

meat (especially chicken, turkey)/lentils/soya products/nuts/seeds/beans/pulses

Rheumatism : cats claw

Rheumatoid Arthritis : oily fish/vegetables/ginger/garlic/alfalfa/dong quai/

bean sprouts/olives/olive oil/aloe vera/cats claw/


Sinusitis : garlic/pineapple

Skin health : water/avocados/carrots/mango

Stomach problems :

Bloating : fennel/parsley

Digestion : black pepper/cayenne pepper/fennel/mint/peppermint/


alfalfa/green barley juice/saw palmetto/chickpeas/figs/


Food poisoning : garlic

Gastritis/colitis : basil/cayenne pepper/dill/fennel/ginger/mint/cats claw/

green barley juice/milk thistle

Nausea : mint/basil/cayenne pepper/ginger/bilberry

Ulcers : bananas/cabbage juice/liquorice/chilli/alfalfa/cats claw/


AVOID : milk/beer/coffee/caffeine/acids : citrus fruit/


Stress/anxiety : camomile/lavender/lime flowers/(lemon balm) melissa/


ginseng/gotu kola/kava-kava/California poppy/

milk thistle/passion flower/reishi/schisandra/cinnamon/

potatoes/pasta/bread/beans/cereal/dong quai

AVOID : alcohol/caffeine/sugar

Stroke : carrots/spinach/kale/sweet potato/pumpkin/oily fish/

green tea/Gingko Biloba/ginger/alfalfa/one glass of red

wine a day/apples/cats claw

Tiredness : apricots/bananas/beans

"Thrush" (Candida Albicans - An over-production of yeast in the body)

: (Causes = antibiotics/menstration/too much sugar, yeast

and/or fermented foods/bread/alcohol/caffeine/vinegar)


Eat live yogurt (containing acidophilus) - 3-4 days.

Drink unsweetened cranberry or blackberry juice daily,

diluted with water.

Take vitamin C or plenty of fruit (especially kiwi).

Juice a garlic clove (add it to vegetable juices!).

Thyroid : guarana/kelp (iodine)/avena sativa/asparagus/grapefruit

(pectin)/ginseng/saw palmetto


Proven benefits to menopausal women only!

(Experts believe that "A DAY" should be 5 days a week - ie leave 2 days without!)



For instance : GINGKO BILOBA is known to interfere with certain prescribed medicines, even rendering them useless!


FARMACIST/DOCTOR - never self-medicate without expert advice and guidance

All of the above material is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; readers must consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

The information is believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the author, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries; neither is the author responsible for errors or omissions.